Pros and Cons of Induction Cooking

The technological developments from the past years have contributed to more pleasant experiences in our households.

In any home, the kitchen is the place where magic happens. If you have everything you need in your kitchen you can make sure that everyone is happy. You know what they say: love goes through the stomach.

Nowadays, induction cooking brings us many advantages that should be taken into consideration when looking to buy a new cooktop or range. Safe cooking or temperature and power control are the main reasons why people tend to choose induction technology over gas or electric ranges.

Moreover, induction cooktops are gorgeously designed. They can be rarely replaced by a gas range or traditional stove. However, there are numerous skeptics that would rather cook using radiant elements for a number of reasons.


In the event that you are rather confused and you want to know exactly what the pros and cons of induction cooking are, then this article will prove to be very helpful.

Advantages of induction cooking

Induction cooktops are fast, safe and efficient. More than that, they can help you save a lot of money on the electric bills.

But these are just the highlights. Here are other advantages of this type of cooking:

• Induction cooktops heat up to 50% faster

• The temperatures can be adjusted much easily and accurately

• The surface that surrounds the heating elements are cooler

• There are no open flames that users should be afraid of

• They are extremely easy to clean

• They are a long term investment

• Everyone can use them easily, including disabled people

• They don’t radiate heat

• They have advanced control panels

• They have safety features that prevent the unit or the food to overheat

• They can be locked, preventing children to change the settings

• They have time control features

• They are filled with sensors that can detect inappropriate cookware, the desired temperatures, low-high voltage and more.

Although induction cooktops have a lot of advantages, they also have a few disadvantages that might discourage buyers. Depending on one’s needs and desires, the induction cooktop is not always the best option.

Disadvantages of induction cooking

• Induction cooktops are usually more expensive than electric or gas ranges

• Induction cooktops or ranges can only be used with induction-compatible cookware or plates that are made of stainless steel or cast iron

• It is recommended to clean these appliances only with warm water or induction-compatible sprays

• Powerful induction cooktops can use a lot of power, especially if used at the same time

• Most induction burners are difficult to maintain at a low temperature, which is why it can be hard to simply warm the food, without having to boil it

• Not all induction cooktops have warming areas

• Induction cooktops can’t be used during a power outage, unlike gas ranges

• Replacing or repairing them can sometimes be a challenge

Although there are some disadvantages that can scare buyers off, induction cooktops are the best option available on today’s market. They are easy to work with, their controls are intuitive and the cooking process is much faster.

These appliances look amazing in any kitchen. There are a variety of designs that can be integrated in various kitchen styles, to offer the place a perfect finish. Either you want to obtain a luxurious effect, a vintage look or a shabby one, the induction cooktop is always the right choice.

If you are in the search for a new cooktop, there are various things that you have to think about before making a decision.

For example, you have to take into consideration your family’s needs, the space you have available for a new stove or cooktop, the requirements you have to meet in order to add up this appliance to your kitchen and much more.

The great thing about this technological era we live in is that you can choose to bring more than one technology into your home.

If you have a spacious kitchen that allows you to make use of its space, you can try to combine a gas range with an induction cooker or even an electrical cooktop. It all depends on what you need and in what you’re willing to invest.

To conclude, we can say that induction cooking is a great advantage for everyone, especially if they have a busy schedule or they don’t like to lose time at all.

However, this decision must be taken carefully, after giving it some thought and balancing all the options.

One of the factors that matter the most is the warranty coverage that will allow you to worry as less as possible when maintenance is required or when something needs to be repaired.

Therefore, if you were going to buy an induction cooktop and you needed a confirmation of the fact that it is truly useful, then here’s your answer: induction cooktops are worth the money.

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