GE Monogram ZHU30RSRSS vs GE Profile PHP9030DJBB/PHP9030SJSS – 30” General Electric Induction Cooktops

Today we will compare two General Electric models, the Monogram ZHU30RSRSS and the
GE Profile PHP9030DJBB.

There is also the GE PHP9030SJSS, but the only difference between it and the PHP9030DJBB is the fact that former has a stainless steel frame whereas the PHP9030DJBB is frameless.

Monogram ZHU30RSRSSvsprofile

What we have here is a couple of large, four-element induction cooktops, 30” in size, to be more precise. Although they have similar capabilities, there are a few differences in both operation and design, and we will tell you all about them in what follows.

GE Profile PHP9030DJBB/PHP9030SJSS Overview

We start with the second cooktop in our comparison (well, the second cooktops, but we already said there is practically no difference between the two except for the frame).

GE ProfilePHP9030DJBB

It is a 30” cooktop with four heating elements varying in size and power:

– an 11” element (placed on the right of the appliance) with a maximum power output of 3,700W

– two 7” elements (placed on the left), each having a top power output of 2,500W

– one 6” element (in the top center) with a top power output of 1,800W.

The two 7” heating elements can be used synchronously, that is they can function and be controlled as one single element. We will talk about it a bit later, now we’ll turn our attention to the touch control unit of the device, seen in the picture below:


2. On/Off buttons
3. Sync Burners
4. All Off
5. Lock button
6. Timer On/Off
7. Electronic Display
8. Start Timer

The touch control buttons are quite easy and intuitive to operate, with a “hidden” feature: the +/- buttons lets you reach the HI/LOW temperature setting in no time, they are some sort of shortcut, just touch the desired button immediately after the device is turned on.

Speaking of the high and low temperature settings, they are suitable for any cooking needs, from melting butter to frying, searing or quickly boiling water. Should you need a larger cooking pan or a griddle, the sync burners feature comes in handy.

By pressing the respective button you can use and control the two 7” elements as if it were a single one.

Temperature and power levels for both elements can be set using the controls on either element. To turn off the sync feature you’ll have to touch the on/off button on either of the elements and they go back to independent operating mode.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that the PHP9030DJBB has two power sharing zones: the left one containing the two 7” elements, and the right one, with the remaining three elements.

Power sharing means that if one element in the zone is running at full power, the others will run in reduced power mode in order to prevent overheating and/or damage to the appliance.

Apart from that, the PHP9030DJBB has some safety features built in, such as the cooktop lockout which prevents accidental changes in settings, the pan detection sensor which will automatically turn off the device if no pan is present and the hot light indicator which warns the user that the heating element is powered on.

There is also a kitchen timer that allows you to set the desired cooking time for each element.

Obviously, you need induction ready cookware for the GEPHP9030DJBB, such as pots or pans made of enamel coated steel, cast iron or stainless steel cookware specifically designed for induction cooking.

Cleaning is easy as long as you do not use any abrasive materials or substances that may damage the ceramic glass surface. For further instructions, including the installation and wiring, you can always read the owner’s manual.

GE Monogram ZHU30RSRSS Overview

The GE Monogram ZHU30RSRSS is in many respects similar to the PHP9030DJBB/ PHP9030SJSS cooktop: it has the same heating elements with the same top power output, there are similar safety features and the overall design is pretty much the same.


But before going on to see in what exactly they differ, let’s have a look at the GE Monogram ZHU30RSRSS features and operation.

The touch controls are quite intuitive and easily accessible at the center of the device.

2 – Control Lock/
3 – Kitchen Timer
4 – ON Indicator Light (one for each element)
5 – Hot Surface Indicator Light Area
6 – Cooking Element ON/OFF Control

Each time a button is touched, a beep will go off to let you know it is working properly. There are 19 power levels available, including a Power Boost one.


The complete power range varies from L (also known as the “keep warm” level) to 9, in half-steps increments: L, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2 and so on.

The Boost feature is designed for rapid cooking or boiling, and can be activated for a maximum of 10 minutes, then it will turn itself off automatically and you have to re-enable it for another 10 minutes, if needed.


As with the PHP9030DJBB/ PHP9030SJSS appliances, the GE Monogram ZHU30RSRSS has a power sharing feature that will reduce the power in one cooking element when the neighboring element(s) operate in top power output mode.

As for the safety sensors and diagnosis capabilities, the ZHU30RSRSS has some useful features built-in:

– a hot surface light indicator that warns the user when a heating element is on;
– control lock that prevents the cooktop from being turned on accidentally (when cleaning it, for example)
– an induction-ready cookware detection sensor that will detect if the pan is suitable for induction cooking. In case it isn’t, a flashing F will show up on the display.
– an error display system with two warning signals: E and C flashing alternately on the display means that several touch keypads are activated at once (maybe due to some utensil placed on that area). Eliminate any obstruction to the keypad area in order to clear the error.

If there are an E and O flashing, that means the appliance/elements are overheating; turn off the device and let it cool off for about 45 minutes before resuming operation.

All in all, the ZHU30RSRSS is a very good induction cooktop suitable for any cooking needs.


So, which one to choose, after all? Leaving aside the price, there is the matter of differences between the two cooktops.

On the one hand, the ZHU30RSRSS has a sort of error detection system that comes in handy when troubleshooting it, but it lacks the sync burner feature of the PHP9030DJBB/ PHP9030SJSS.

Also, the latter lacks the induction ready sensor that warns you when a non-suitable cookware item is detected. In terms of appearance, the ZHU30RSRSS is a frameless cooktop with a mirroring finish that gives it a peculiar, luxury look, whereas the PHP9030DJBB/ PHP9030SJSS has an all-black appearance (and a stainless steel frame in the case of the PHP9030SJSS).

Taking into account that the power output and element size are the same for both appliances, choosing one or the other is a matter of choosing which features you want or need and which features you can do without. That, of course, if we omit the budget restrictions that you might have.

PRODUCTGE Monogram ZHU30RSRSS 30″GE Profile PHP9030DJBB/PHP9030SJSS 30″
MANUFACTURERGeneral ElectricGeneral Electric
Cooktop SurfaceStainless Metallic Glass CeramicBlack Ceramic Glass
Cooktop Burner Type4 Induction Elements4 Induction Elements
11″ Heating Element1 (3,700W)1 (3,700W)
6″ Heating Element(s)1 (1,800W)1 (1,800W)
7″ Heating Element(s)2 (2,500W)2 (2,500W)
Control LocationFront CenterFront Center
Control TypeElectronic TouchElectronic Touch
Cooktop Control FeaturesChild LockPan Presence SensorInduction ready pan sensorPan Size SensorError displayAll-Off ControlControl Lock CapabilityMelt SettingSync-Burner
Indicator LightsHot SurfaceSurface Element “ON”Hot Surface,Setting Level IndicatorsSurface Element “ON”
Power Cord Length36″36”
Power Level Indicator19 Levels
TimerNoKitchen timer
Color AppearanceClear with White Accents and mirroringblack on black
FramelessYesYES (PHP9030DJBB)No-stainless steel frame (PHP9030SJSS)
Approximate Shipping Weight46.00 lb44 lb
Cabinet Width30.00 in30 in
Cooktop Size30.00 in30 in
Cutout Dimensions (Width x Depth) (In.)28-1/2 x 19-5/828-1/2 x 19-5/8
Net Weight41.00 lb38 lb
Overall Depth21 3/8 in20 7/8 in
Overall Height4 5/8 in4 5/8 in
Overall Width29 3/4 in29 3/4 in
Dimensions (Width x Depth) (In.)4 5/8 in x 21 3/8 in x 29 3/4 în4 5/8 in x 29 3/4 in x 20 7/8 in
Amp Rating at 208V4030.8
Amp Rating at 240V4030.8
KW Rating at 208V6.4
KW Rating at 240V7.3
Parts WarrantyLimited 1-year entire applianceLimited 1-year entire appliance
Labor WarrantyLimited 1-year entire applianceLimited 1-year entire appliance
PRICEon AmazonCheck PriceCheck Price

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