Wolf 5 Burner Induction Cooktop CT36IU 36 inch – the best for cooking performance and efficiency!

Searching for induction cooktops for an update of your kitchen? What is your opinion regarding unframed glass or ceramic induction cooktops?

For a modern cooking space, you need to choose something that could transform your cooking tasks in a great experience.

Wolf induction cooktops could be what you may need if you consider all their features.

In case you do not know, Wolf induction cooktops efficiently heat cookware, while the black ceramic glass cooking surfaces remain cool.

If you are looking for cooking performance but do not want to shout it out in your kitchen design, the Wolf unframed electric cooktop must be your choice.

Here you have the occasion to meet Wolf CT36IU 36″ Black Induction Electric Cooktop w/5 Elements; just prepare yourself to see what it is new in terms of induction cooking technology.

1. Controls

In order to operate Wolf CT36IU 36″ Black Induction Electric Cooktop w/5 Elements, it will be very easy and simple to use the illuminated touch controls: you have On/Off controls, a countdown timer with 1 to 99 minute range and adjustable sound frequency and volume, true simmer setting and melt setting, lock mode for safety and universal OFF.

And do not forget about graduated control lighting: certainly, you will love cooking with this Wolf induction cooktop.


2. Surface

The surface of this induction cooktop is an easy-to-clean black ceramic glass surface: the main advantage concerns the fact that the surface is very resistant to heat, scratching, staining, and impact.

Being a translucent surface, it allows you to see the glow of hot elements. You will be impressed by the sophisticated, minimalist exterior subtly patterned design to hide any unsightly scratches.

3. Heating Elements

With Wolf CT36IU 36″ Black Induction Electric Cooktop w/5 Elements, you are going to have an induction cooktop with 5 heating elements: the five high-efficiency induction elements deliver power and control.

You can use the true simmer setting on three elements and melt setting on two elements.

All the induction elements heat cookware, not the glass, for a cooler, safer cooking surface.


4. Power/Watts

The electrical requirements are the following ones: 240/208 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 50 amp circuit.

The induction cooktop is CSA certified for US and Canada.

Regarding the maximum element power, you have one burner of 3,000 Watts with 4,000 Watts boost, two burners of 1,800 Watts with 3,000 Watts boost and two other burners of 1,200 Watts.

This product incorporates Hi-Power mode that boosts power on 1800 W elements by diverting power from adjacent element: 4000 Watts element does not divert power from adjacent element for boost.

5. Sensors

With Wolf CT36IU 36″ Black Induction Electric Cooktop w/5 Elements, you have a cookware sensor that detects if you are using induction-compatible cookware: it works with cooking vessels made of magnetic materials, such as cast iron and magnetic stainless steel and it will not work with aluminum or copper pots.

6. Ventilation

For ventilation during operation, you should consider installing Wolf CT36IU 36″ Black Induction Electric Cooktop w/5 Elements as it is indicated in the user manual.

In this way, you will not meet any problem while functioning.

7. Safety Features

For a proper and safe operation, this Wolf CT36IU 36″ Black Induction Electric Cooktop w/5 Elements is designed with a certain number of safety features.

First of all, you have to deal with cookware sensing which means that the elements will not be energized without an induction-compatible pan on the cooktop surface.

Then, you have a temperature limiter that is great in order to ensure that safe operating temperature of ceramic glass is never exceeded.

The illuminated touch controls with graduated control lighting and adjustable sound frequency and volume are perfect every time you want to cook or heat something.

And hot-surface indicator light in control panel will alert you when you should start cooking for you, your family and your guests.

You also have a lock mode that will allow you to lock the cooktop and no elements will be turned on by mistake.

8. Accessories

Wolf CT36IU 36″ Black Induction Electric Cooktop w/5 Elements is delivered with the power cord and the user manual. For more information about the installation and startup, you need to follow all the recommendations indicated by the manufacturer.


9. Dimensions

Here you have the exact information regarding the dimensions of this induction cooktop:
Overall width 36″
Overall height 4″
Overall depth 21″
Cut-Out width 34 3/8″
Countertop cut-out depth 19 3/8″

10. Pros

The surface is resistant to scratching, staining, impact and heat.

With 5 single induction elements, you have a large surface for cooking and can prepare and warm diverse types of meals

Glass top cooktops are widely used among family cooks and professional chefs alike

It gives you more room to move around the kitchen

The induction cooktop features multiple cooking elements with different zones – concentric rings that give you exceptional control of temperature for pots and pans of every size

11. Cons

It looks great but it constantly breaks down

It is a relatively new product on the market and you will not find more information about the device on the Internet

Being black, you will have to clean it after every use as spills or food residuals will be more than visible on the cooking surface

12. Consumer Ratings

As there is less information on the Internet about Wolf CT36IU 36″ Black Induction Electric Cooktop w/5 Elements and the consumers have not the chance to provide their feedback, no consumer rating has been established.

Take into consideration that you have an induction cooktop with 5 burners that can be mounted flush with the top of the countertop or as a frameless installation sitting on top of the countertop surface.

13. Price

You can order Wolf CT36IU 36″ Black Induction Electric Cooktop w/5 Elements on Amazon with free shipping.

In case you want to buy the induction cooktop, all the details about ordering are available on the Amazon site.

Take your time and make a decision considering the induction cooktop that you should have in your kitchen: Wolf CT36IU 36″ Black Induction Electric Cooktop w/5 Elements is a new unframed induction cooktop so efficient that it out-performs gas and electric cooktops.

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