3 Best White Range Hoods for White Induction Ranges

White range hoods? For a classic or a traditional kitchen, such ventilation systems could be a great choice.

In order to control cooking smells and keep your air fresh, here you have several examples of white range hoods with wood trim for white induction ranges.

These stainless steel and professional-grade range hoods are built to perform; these white hoods are powerful and stylish ventilation solutions for traditional kitchens and have a classic shape, solid oak trim, and customization possibilities.

An excellent choice for all-white or mixed-palette kitchen environments, all these white ranges hoods will fit over your kitchen stove, whether against a wall or on an island.

The innovative style with bright lighting and efficient air control will surprise you.

1. CHR-114 NT AIR. White Range Hood Wall Mounted 36″

This Range Hood Wall Mounted Wood 36″ CHR-114 NT AIR is made by NT AIR that is known as a leading manufacturer of luxury Italian kitchen range hoods.

Measuring 36″ x 19″ x 35″, the hood is provided with three washable filters, vent-duct or ductless, two 40 W lights and three speeds (50 CFM, 480 CFM and up to 940 CFM), 6″ D duct.

The color is off-white (more exactly, almond), and the range hood surface is paintable with an unfinished hardwood frame. You could use regular gloss paint as the wood frame is solid, not finished hardwood.


For a ductless (recirculation), it is recommended to use two round charcoal filters “Type A” that must be attached to the motor in order to remove unwanted kitchen smells; this is an optional accessory.

But consider the fact that the chimney section with the pre-cut vent must be used when outside ventilation is not possible.

In order to switch out the filters to charcoal filters, you would need two NT AIR Round Charcoal filters type A.

You have to install them on both sides of the motor and, so the air goes through the filters back to the room from the grill on range hood chimney.

The Wall Mounted Wood 36″ CHR-114 NT AIR has and adjustable telescopic chimney with the following height: minimum 33″ and maximum 43″.

The shipping delivery is safe and reliable as it is used Freight Express on a wooden pallet and the range hood is covered by a protective white film (it is highly recommended to remove that film by hands and to not use any sharp tools).

It is not a secret anymore that for nearly 20 years NT AIR uses superior technology, high-quality raw materials, and world-renowned Italian craftsmanship for developing outstanding kitchen range hoods. With NT AIR, you will enjoy superior customer service while all NT AIR range hoods come with a 30-day refund return policy and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Futuro Futuro WL36ORCHID 36-inch White Wall Range Hood

Certainly, Futuro Futuro 36-inch Orchid Wall Range Hood is a luxury kitchen range hood from the premier Italian manufacturer.

It is designed and made in Italy by Futuro Futuro, with white painted steel, wood trim, incandescent lights, dishwasher-safe filters, and more.

For operating Futuro Futuro WL36ORCHID 36-inch White Wall Range Hood, you have ultra-quiet 940 CFM blower and 3-speed slider controls.

Once with the delivery, you will get also the mounting hardware and manual included. If needed, you can receive installation support by phone or e-mail.


Having the Orchid wall-mount range hood made by Futuro Futuro in your kitchen means that you can start cooking: so, you are going to use a powerful and stylish ventilation system perfect for a variety of traditional kitchen designs.

You can choose this Orchid wall kitchen hood for country style kitchens, rustic style kitchens, and traditional kitchens as it has an organic curved body shape echoed by the delicately curved trim frame that is going to fit in any space.

Futuro Futuro WL36ORCHID 36-inch White Wall Range Hood has a hood’s steel body that is coated with an ultra-durable plastic-based coating, in pure white; this body can be used as it is or painted over with only light sanding as no primer is required.

As you may intuit, the solid wood trim frame is supplied unstained, but can be stained or painted in order to match your cabinetry. Futuro Futuro WL36ORCHID 36-inch White Wall Range Hood has an elegant and classic design at the same time.

With high-quality materials and genuine Italian craftsmanship, quiet performance and easy maintenance and customization option, this hood is certainly the best option for your traditional or modern kitchen!

3. Connecticut IS36CONNECTICUT White Island Range Hood

If you want a Futuro Futuro island range hood, you may purchase Futuro Futuro 36-inch Connecticut Island Range Hood designed and made in Italy.

This luxury kitchen range hood from the premier Italian manufacturer is made of white painted steel and wood trim and incorporates halogen lights, dishwasher-safe filters, and more.

As they are provided with a classic shape, solid oak trim, and customization possibilities, the Connecticut hoods can be considered the ideal finishing touch for a variety of kitchen designs: New England, French, Rustic Italian, and more.

These Connecticut island-mount range hoods represent a powerful and stylish ventilation solution for all the kitchens.


If you are impressed by other Futuro Futuro products, this will also happen to you with the Connecticut series range hoods that are made from high-grade stainless steel, and feature advanced technology along with famous Italian craftsmanship.

Regarding the stainless steel body, you should know that it is finished with durable white enamel, but it can be painted over if you want that the body matches your kitchen design.

The trim frame is made from solid white oak and comes unstained. The ultra-quiet 940 CFM blower and 3-speed slider controls allow you an efficient operation.

The Connecticut series range hoods are ideal for kitchen owners who will accept nothing but the best. With their high-quality materials, performance and easy maintenance, there is nothing that you may desire from such a kitchen appliance.


If you are looking for a hood for white induction ranges or for a traditional kitchen, these are three examples of the best white range hoods designed by Italian leading manufacturers.

With all their features and elegant design, these hoods are a perfect choice for everyone that needs a ventilation system for the cooking space.

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