Simply Ming Power Induction Burner with Compatible Pan – choose versatile ways of cooking with this flexible induction burner and fry pan!

Looking for an extremely compact induction cooktop?

Do you need freedom while cooking? This Simply Ming Power Induction Burner with Compatible Pan should draw your attention as it comes with all the features and accessories that a person may need for daily cooking although he or she is not an expert in the culinary art.

Just consider all these aspects about the induction cooktop that we have selected for you.

1. Controls

This burner offers fast, efficient heating and cooking and transfers heat only to your cookware, not the cooktop itself.

It is suitable for boiling, steaming, deep frying, stir-frying, sautéing, searing, slow cooking or grilling.

Ming Power Induction Burner features a digital LCD control panel with 94 temperature settings with a temperature range between 100º F and 565º F (Fahrenheit or Celsius settings), adjustable in 5º increments to allow for precise temperature control.

The burner provides Delay and Automatic Shut-off functions. With 6 pre-programmed temperature settings and multiple stage programming available, you can cook your favorite meals again and again without reprogramming.

2. Surface

The 11″ heat-resistant glass cooking surface of Simply Ming Power Induction Burner accommodates large pots and pans.

To keep your induction cooktop like new, make sure that the bottom of cookware does not scrape the unit’s glass surface.

The 9-1/2″ fry pan with Technolon+ ceramic nonstick interior coating provides reliable food release and easy cleaning.

Durable and stain resistant interior coating, it heats evenly and the Technolon+ coating designed to tolerate stovetop temperatures up to 550º F.

It is PTFE and PFOA free. Also, it takes advantage of induction burner’s quick, even and efficient heating capabilities.

The pan is designed with contoured stainless steel handles for comfortable lifting and pouring; also, the handles are double-riveted to pan body for durability.

3. Heating Elements

With Ming, you get a burner that provides quick, efficient heating, temperature flexibility, and a helpful timer to avoid overcooking.

It comes with a sleek metallic finish fry pan and its highly conductive construction heats quickly and evenly.

It is just what you need to get started with your new burner: simply effective, simply awesome and Simply Ming.

4. Power/Watts

With a maximum wattage of 1800 watts, it plugs into a standard household outlet: it meets 110-volt requirements.

Check periodically that the power cable is damaged or compressed beneath the burner. Also, have in mind that the cable must not come into contact with sharp edges and hot surfaces.

5. Sensors

With Simply Ming Power Induction Burner, you will know if you are using the right cookware as it has an automatic detection function; it works with this compatible cookware: Simply Ming hard anodized cookware, Simply Ming metallic cookware, enameled iron and steel, cast iron and stainless steel with magnetic base.

6. Ventilation

The unit has ventilation slots for appropriate use; do not block them as this may cause the unit to overheat.

Just always maintain a minimum distance of 3-5 inches from walls and other objects and appliances.

7. Safety Features

With the delay function, you can set the cooking program to start at a later time. And the automatic shut-off function makes the cooking process safe and quick.

8. Accessories

What you get when you purchase the Simply Ming Power Induction Burner is the induction burner, a 9-1/2″ fry pan, use and care manual, 6 Ming Tsai recipe cards, quick-start guide, and manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty.

It is good to know that it is not compatible with all cookware types. It works with induction-ready cookware, including cast iron, carbon steel, enamel-on-steel and stainless steel cookware with magnetic bases.

9. Dimensions

Here you have the dimensions of the induction burner:
Weight: Approx. 5 lbs.
Measurements: Approx. 14-5/8″L x 13″W x 2-1/2″H

10. Pros

This product works very well

Hard boiled eggs are a no brainer anymore

It is bigger than expected

It gives you full control of temperature and time

11. Cons

The cooktop is very noisy

The burner vibrates a lot

The noise from the fan is so loud

12. Consumer Ratings

People who have purchased this induction burner are happy with their acquisition; the consumer rating shows is a medium one, which means that despite its loud noise, Simply Ming Power Induction Burner with Compatible Pan is perfect as it heats up really quick and holds a steady temperature, and the pan is perfect for wonderful eggs with cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches.

13. Price

This Ming’s induction burner that delivers quick and efficient heating is available on Amazon .

It comes with 9-1/2″ pan rich purple and so, you can get back to the simple joy of cooking. Prepare daily delicious meals for family and friends with such a burner!

14. User Manual

Here you can download the user manual.

15. Table

Simply Ming Power Induction Burner with Compatible Pan
Destination Use Home use
Design Black ceramic glass cooktop very resistant to heat
Power Source 110V
Output Power 1800W
Power Levels Low, Med Low, Med, Med High, High Max/Sear
Temperature Levels 94 temperature settings with a temperature range between 100º F
and 565º F
Programmable Timer a 2.30-hour digital timer
Function Lock No
Warranty One year from the date of the original purchase
Acoustic Warnings No
Weight 5 lbs.
Dimensions 14-5/8″L x 13″W x 2-1/2″H
Cord Length N/A
Glass Cooktop Size 11″ heat-resistant glass cooking surface
Safety Sensors auto-pan detection feature, automatic shut-off function, delay
Induction Cookware Sensor Yes
Induction Overheat Sensor N/A
Glass Cooktop Overheat N/A
Free pan Yes, a 9-1/2″ fry pan with Technolon+ ceramic nonstick
Price Amazon Link

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