GSW CU-18A Commercial Induction Cooktop – a great appliance among lighter duty cooking applications and smaller service items!

What do you use in terms of countertop cooking and warming equipment?

Have you tried a commercial induction cooktop? Such an appliance is always able to save time and money for you.

Be sure that this induction burner is great being among limited breakfast, lunch or dinner menu items and you can forget about searching anything else.


Warm, cook and heat using GSW CU-18A Commercial Induction Cooktop! With a special design, this cooktop is absolutely necessary for any commercial kitchen or cooking space.

Give a try to this professional solution in order to reach your foodservice goals.

1. Controls

With easy-to-clean touchpad controls, GSW CU-18A Commercial Induction Cooktop is definitely what you need: you can operate it easily using Power On/ Off key, “TEMP/ HOLD” function SELECT key, and Power / Temperature up / down adjust keys.


Also, you are going to observe some LED lights while using the induction cooktop: “heating” indicator light (pan detector), “COOK” function indicator light, “TEMP HOLD” function indicator light, and Power Level / Holding Temperature display LED lights.

2. Surface

Underneath the surface ceramic top plate, there is a high frequency (20-35 KHz) induction coil that heats the cooking utensil by magnetic friction.

It is important to put the appliance on a horizontal surface but to keep away from wall or objects at least 5-10 cm (2” ~ 4”).


It is recommended to not touch the hot surface of the ceramic plate; although the induction range itself does not produce any heat during cooking, the heat from the pan will leave the surface of the ceramic hot!

3. Heating Elements

GSW CU-18A Commercial Induction Cooktop provides an 1800 watt induction heating zone, heat and temperature controls, attached 5½-foot power cord, and NEMA 5-15P plug and 5-20P plug.

It comes with one-year parts and labor warranty.

It is important to use pans of 12 cm (4.75”) or larger in diameter; pans should be less than 26 cm (10.25”) in diameter and made of iron, cast iron, stainless steel, and enamelware.

4. Power/Watts

For this 1800 watts unit, you need an individual 120V, 15 Amp electrical socket. It is rated at 120V, 15 Amp, and 50/60 Hz. Ensure close supervision when the induction range is used or near children.

5. Sensors

Your cooktop will automatically shut down if the pan is left on the induction range for more than 2 hours, or if the user does not operate any functions for more than 2 hours.

Also, if the induction range is left on for more than 60 seconds without a pan or with an incompatible pan, the unit will automatically shut off.

The induction range will not recognize any objects or utensils smaller than 5 cm in diameter and if the pan’s material is not suitable for this induction range, the pan indicator will not work.

Once the pan’s temperature becomes too high, and the temperature remains too high for 60 seconds, the unit will shut off automatically.


6. Ventilation

The commercial induction cooktop incorporates a ventilation system for avoiding the overheating of electrical components; this is why you should place the induction range on a horizontal surface and at least 10 cm away from the wall and other objects for proper ventilation.

So, do not block the air intake panel as blocking may overheat the unit.

7. Safety Features

Despite the safety features, you will be surprised to know that GSW CU-18A Commercial Induction Cooktop is designed with overtime detector, automatic safety shut-off, material compatibility detector, small object detector, overheating protection device, and IC auto reset device.

This IC Auto Reset Device refers to the fact with a main control microprocessor equipped with watchdog device, the IC will automatically reset when the software program goes wrong.

8. Accessories

Once you order this product, you will get the GSW CU-18A Commercial Induction Cooktop, its power cord, and user manual, but also wall stopper (lock washer; you can find this accessory enclosed in the box).

9. Dimensions

Here you have the exact dimensions of the product: 328*422*100 mm (12.91” x 16.61” x 3.93”).

10. Pros

The glass top is of strong, hard, and non-porous propertiesv

When you switch off, the cooking is stopped immediately

During cooking, no energy is lost between the hob and the food

11. Cons

Having a black Vitro-ceramic plate, you will have to clean it after each use

There is less information about the product on the Internet

12. Consumer Ratings

GSW CU-18A Commercial Induction Cooktop is a recently launched product on the market and any consumer rating has not been established yet.

However, there are numerous reasons you should consider purchasing such an appliance; and its many features could be one of these reasons.


13. Price

For such a product, the price is $114.99; if you consider buying the unit for commercial use, you can be sure that you will not regret. Please read carefully all the instructions provided by the manufacturer before starting to use the item.

GSW CU-18A Commercial Induction Cooktop
Destination Use Commercial use
Design Black ceramic glass cooktop
Power Source 120V, 15 Amp, and 50/60 Hz
Output Power 1800W
Power Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
Temperature Levels 60, 90, 140, 160, 180, 200 and 220 °C
Programmable Timer N/A
Function Lock N/A
Warranty N/A
Acoustic Warnings Yes, there will be a short warning sound after unit shut off
Weight N/A
Dimensions 328*422*100 mm (12.91” x 16.61” x 3.93”).
Cord Length 5½-foot power cord
Glass Cooktop Size pans should be less than 26 cm (10.25”)
Safety Sensors overtime detector, automatic safety shut-off, material
compatibility detector, small object detector, overheating protection device,
and IC auto reset device
Induction Cookware Sensor Yes
Induction Overheat Sensor Yes
Glass Cooktop Overheat Yes
Free pan No
Price Ebay Link

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