GE Induction Ranges 2017 CHS995SELSS vs CHS985SELSS

Interested in buying an induction range? What about a GE induction range very recently launched?

GE Cafe Induction Range

It is the right time to meet GE Induction Ranges 2017 CHS995SELSS and CHS985SELSS and at the same time, to compare both products in order to make an idea about their functionality, versatility and of course, design.

Let’s start by discovering some aspects about CHS995SELSS and CHS985SELSS models.

1.GE Slide In Double Oven Induction Range CHS995SELSS

If you want to upgrade your kitchen with this slide-in induction range by GE, CHS995SELSS model is a great alternative.

First of all, you have a cooktop that features 5 induction elements for fast, efficient cooking.

You get two 8″ 2500-watt synchronized elements to evenly heat large cookware or griddles.

The already sleek cooktop is enhanced by the impressive look of these knobs.

GE Cafe Double Oven Induction front

Magnetic induction cooking requires the use of cookware made of ferrous metals to which magnets will stick such as iron or steel.

It is recommended to use pans that fit the element size as the pan must be enough for the element to detect the pan and be able to deliver full power.

Then, you will definitely love the double ovens that provide 7.0 cu. ft. of capacity which is perfect for large Sunday dinners. Learn how to bake with true convection for perfectly even baking results on multiple racks. And the warming drawer is perfect for keeping your food table ready.

GE Cafe Induction Range double Oven

As some innovative features, you will be surprised to find out that you can easily control your range the WiFi Connect feature from the convenience of your smartphone.

And you have the possibility to use Chef Connect to synchronize compatible ranges and over-the-range microwaves, making cooking even more enjoyable.

Certainly, GE understands exactly what you need and exactly what you do not in your kitchen and in your life.

GE Cafe Double Oven Induction Range

With features and design from real life, because when they build world-class refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, washers, and dryers what they are really creating are good things, for life.

2. GE Cafe 30″ Slide In Induction Range CHS985SELSS

On the other size, you have CHS985SELSS model, a 30-inch slide-in induction electric range with a WiFi connection ideal for any kitchen.

GE Slide In Induction range

So, you should think about replacing your old 30” free-standing range with a new 30″ slide-in model and you will see that GE slide-in ranges are guaranteed for an exact fit to make replacement easy.

As in the case of CHS995SELSS, CHS985SELSS is designed with a cooktop that features 5 induction elements for fast, efficient cooking.

Slide in prove

With the precision cooking probe, you can confidently cook delicate sauces, fondues and more to their exact required temperatures. And the knobs offer LED backlit to add style and functionality.

With an 11″ 3700-Watt induction element, you get the necessary power to boil a quart of water in 101 seconds, but also to prepare delicate sauces.

Control Panel Slide In

And if you do not know, Chef Connect gives you three options with a single touch; and so, for instant convenience, you can choose when to automatically synchronize clocks and the range elements with the microwave’s surface light and vent.

This time you have to do with an oven that provides 5.3 cu. ft. of capacity, which, however, is perfect for a large Sunday roast.

Close Look Knobs GE Induction

Forget about cleaning the racks: with this unit, you get self-clean, heavy-duty oven racks and these long-lasting racks look great and can be cleaned at the same time as the oven.

Also, you have a smooth-glide warming drawer for perfectly warm crispy chips and bread or keep side dishes warm until dinner is served.

3. Differences

At a first view, these two slide-in ranges may seem similar, but some differences between them may be highlighted.

CHS985SELSS slide-in range has a 5.3 cu. ft. oven that provides the following features: true convention, chef connect, WiFi connect, precision cooking probe, warming drawer and steam clean.

On the other hand, CHS995SELSS includes an upper oven with a capacity of 2.4 cu. ft. and a lower oven capacity of 4.3 cu. ft.
This unit has true European convection feature, WiFi connect, chef connect and warming drawer. You get the upper oven that preheats quickly while you will find the larger lower oven perfect for dinner parties and large meals.

Both models provide 3700W of power from its 5 cooktop elements to meet various cooking requirements, but the smallest level of power of CHS985SELSS is 100W, and of CHS995SELSS 80W.

Both have the same dimensions (overall width: 30″, overall height: 37 3/8″, overall depth: 29 1/2″). But the LED backlit of CHS985SELSS knobs add a refreshingly sleek ambiance on the range and your kitchen.

As you may expect, you will have to pay more for a CHS995SELSS unit than for a CHS985SELSS slide-in range.

Your choice should be made after considering all the features of both products: your cooking needs and preferences should be taken into account when deciding about kitchen appliances.

4. Conclusion

It is not a secret anymore that CHS995SELSS and CHS985SELSS models have some smart features such as WiFi connection, and Chef Connect.

They make these units the right acquisition for everyone who wants something new made using the latest technologies.

As an opinion, CHS995SELSS model is ideal for large families thanks to its double ovens which allow you to bake or to prepare various meals at the same time.

CHS985SELSS slide-in is the option for modern people, especially those who want a slide-in which may give them the freedom and support they need when cooking.

5. Comparison Tabel

GE CHS995SELSS Induction RangeGE CHS985SELSS Induction Range
Indoor use Indoor use
Design smoothtop
cooktop very resistant to heat, ultra-low profile
smoothtop cooktop
very resistant to heat, ultra-low profile

Power Source Volts:
240/208 V, Amps: 40 A, KW Rating at 240V: 15.5, KW Rating at
208V: 12.3
40A, Volts: 240/208V
Output Power 5 induction
Front left
output: 2500W
Back left
output: 2500W
Front right
output: 3700W
Back right
Middle back
output: 80W
5 induction
Front left
output: 2500W
Back left
output: 2500W
Front right
output: 3700W
Back right
Middle back
output: 100W

Control Type:
Knobs Knobs
Warranty Limited 1 year
of parts and labor
Limited 1
year of parts and labor
Weight 236 Lbs. N/A
Dimensions Overall
Width: 30″
Height: 37 3/8″
Depth: 29 1/2″
29 1/2″
37 3/8″
Oven Total Oven
Capacity: 7.0 cu. ft.
Upper Oven
Capacity: 2.4 cu. ft.
Lower Oven
Capacity: 4.3 cu. ft.
capacity: 5.3 cu. ft.

Oven Watts 3600 Watts 4000 Watts
Yes Yes
True European
Oven racks 3 3
Oven Control
Touchpad Touchpad
Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Steam Oven Yes Yes
Steam-Clean Yes Yes
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