Fixture Displays 12037 Induction Cooker makes you cook with more passion, freedom, and versatility!

Needing a plate cooktop for your camping trips?

How about a cooktop that can be used even in a dorm? It is always difficult to make a decision especially being in such situations, but with Fixture Displays 12037 Induction Cooker, your problem will be rapidly solved.

This model of induction cooktop is perfect for a small cooking place such as RVs, dorms, camp sites, but also for moments when you need an extra burner.


Fixture Displays 12037 Induction Cooker will save you every time you have to prepare various dishes in a short time, but also when you have to warm your food or to cook something very fast.

1. Controls

Fixture Displays 12037 Induction Cooker is super easy to use if you read carefully all the instructions.

Just cook whatever you like at a table top and all your dishes will be appreciated by your family and guests.

Do not forget that you have a timer function and preset modes (Milk, Soup, Rice, Saving Mode, Keep Warm) for a variety of cooking options.

For adjusting the power and temperature or even for setting the time of cooking, you have + and – controls.

Also, for turning on and off the unit, you have an On/Off button, while for choosing a cooktop mode, a Function button.


Although it may take a while, you will discover how easy it is to cook with Fixture Displays 12037 Induction Cooker.

2. Surface

The surface of Fixture Displays 12037 Induction Cooker is made of black ceramic glass very resistant to heat.

It is very easy to clean this surface: all you have to do is to wipe it using a soft cloth or sponge. Abrasive cleaners may deteriorate the surface, so avoid using them.

3. Heating Elements

It has only one heating element and gets to provide a maximum power of 1300 W at 110V or even 2000 W at 280V.

You have also some automatic cooking presets and can select from soup, keep warm, saving mode etc.

It works with any metal cooking pans, pots and grill plates including stainless steel kettles, iron pots, pans or skillets, copper, glass, non-magnetic steels.

However, non-magnetic stainless steels, glass, copper, and aluminum vessels can be used if you consider a ferromagnetic disk which functions as a conventional hotplate.

4. Power/Watts

Regarding the electrical requirements, you should know that Fixture Displays 12037 Induction Cooker requires a wide voltage from 110V – 280V.

Plug type is that one specific to the USA and in case you are buying for other markets, inquire with customer service of Fixture Displays manufacturer for a proper adapter.

5. Sensors

Your cooktop will detect if you are using the right cookware: as it is an induction cooker, you need to buy compatible pots and pans.

If you want to check your pots, you should use a magnet: if it sticks to the bottom of pot, your pot is good and you can start cooking.

6. Ventilation

As you may intuit, this cooktop has air vents that provide the ventilation of components for a proper functioning and also, for preventing overheating.

Check if your unit has the vents blocked and make sure you provide sufficient space for the fan.

7. Safety Features

This unit is not going to work if you are not using the right cookware, meaning compatible induction pots.

For more versatility, you have a control that measures the energy consumption, so you will know exactly how much you will have to pay for the energy.

8. Accessories

It is delivered with a power cord, a warranty certificate, and a user manual. Make sure you are going to read all the instructions before starting to cook with this cooktop.

9. Dimensions

This induction cooker is very fast and saves a lot of time. Also, you can save space as it measures approximately 11×14.25×2.25″.

And the weight of this induction cooktop is only 6.2 pounds, so you can store or take it with you and you will not need too much space.

10. Pros

It is perfect for using in a dorm, or on camping sites
It is a real lifestyle enhancer
It is so easy to cook using the preset modes

11. Cons

You will not find more information about Fixture Displays 12037 Induction Cooker on the Internet
You need to clean it after each use as any spill is visible on the black ceramic cooking surface

12. Consumer Ratings

Fixture Displays 12037 Induction Cooker has no consumer rating established so far. A

n explanation of this may be given by the fact that it is a recently launched product on the market and the feedback of the customers has not been provided yet.

Be optimistic and sure that this unit will turn to be an extremely necessary tool in your cooking space.

13. Price

For such a unit, you have to pay only this price at Amazon in case you decide to order it.

There may appear some shipping taxes, but this is available for Canada and Mexico as import duty and fees apply.

But as soon as you get it, you will see that this portable induction cooker makes cooking very easy.

Fixture Displays 12037 Induction Cooker
Destination Use Indoor and outdoor use
Design Black ceramic glass cooktop very resistant to heat
Power Source wide voltage from 110V – 280V
Output Power 1300 W at 110V; 2000 W at 280V.
Power Levels N/A
Temperature Levels N/A
Programmable Timer a built-in timer
Function Lock N/A
Warranty N/A
Acoustic Warnings N/A
Weight 6.2 pounds
Dimensions 11×14.25×2.25″
Cord Length N/A
Glass Cooktop Size N/A
Safety Sensors Automatic detection of pan
Induction Cookware Sensor Yes
Induction Overheat Sensor N/A
Glass Cooktop Overheat N/A
Free pan No
Price Amazon Link

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