CookTek MagnaWave MC0902S-100 – transform your cooking tasks into lovely experiences with the entire family!

Searching for a new induction cooktop may pose some problems; you have to take into consideration all the innovations, but also, all your needs in order to decide about that product that corresponds to your necessities.

Although you may or not love cooking, a compact and lightweight induction is always a great choice.


With CookTek MagnaWave MC0902S-100, you are going to have two induction burners on a single circuit that come with two pans included. If this cooktop may be a solution, consider its following technical characteristics that will help you make a decision.

1. Controls

 CookTek MagnaWave MC0902S-100  provides a portable tabletop design with rugged molded housing, heavy duty electronic components, and high impact tempered glass top engineered for use in commercial kitchens.

Once you follow all installation instructions, you can turn the cooktop on by turning the control knob to the right and then, turn the control knob to the desired setting. You have to do the same thing with the control knob to the left.

On the display, you will see the LED that will flash when the unit is on. It will not flash and will remain showed on the display when a pan is detected and the unit starts heating.

If you want to turn the cooktop off, you need to turn the control knob to the far left until you hear a click and the LED no longer illuminates.

2. Surface

The tempered glass cooking surfaces of the cooktop guarantee easy cleaning. You have to not touch the ceramic plate (or the top of the cooktop) immediately after use; the heat from the pan will be transferred to the ceramic plate causing it to be hot to the touch.

For the cleaning, once the unit is cool, you can wipe the surface and housing with a damp cloth.

The manufacturer recommends purchasing a mild scouring agent for the stainless steel housing such as Bon Ami or Barkeeper’s Friend for greasy or resistant soiling.

It is prohibited to use a lye-based cleaner, such as an oven cleaner, because this cleaner may damage the cooktop.

3. Heating Elements

With two burners, CookTek MagnaWave MC0902S-100 is exactly what you need: for each induction burner (hob), you have separate controls for independent operation and functionality.

It is recommended that the unit should operate with a minimum clearance of two inches or five centimeters on all four sides. And you have to use the cooktop only with induction compatible and efficient cookware.

You have to turn the cooktop off after each use and avoid heating an empty pan. This leads to the damage of the cooktop or cookware and to the overheating of the unit.

If the cooktop overheats, the user will see an error code that flashes on the LED display and the cooktop turns off automatically. Once the temperature returns to normal, the cooktop will start to work again.

4. Power/Watts

Such a product is available in 1800 watts, 120VAC, 900 watts per burner (hob) or 2400 watts, 240VAC, 1200 watts per burner (hob).

With the lowest power setting,  CookTek MagnaWave MC0902S-100  keeps empty pan warm for next use. And the Pan Maximizer feature achieves maximum heating of any induction compatible pan.

5. Sensors

Whatever your choice may be in terms of cookware, you should know that CookTek MagnaWave MC0902S-100 detects if you are using compatible pans.

You can test your cookware with a magnet that must stick to the bottom of the pot.

6. Ventilation

CookTek MagnaWave MC0902S-100 is designed with an integral fan that keeps internal electronics cool. The air vents must not be blocked and there should be sufficient air flow around the appliance.

It is important to avoid installing the unit near other equipment that generates excessive heat that can be pulled into the CookTek unit by its fan (for example, griddles, fryers, etc.) and placing the unit near items that generate excessive steam (for example, pasta cookers, steam baths, dishwashers, etc.).


7. Safety Features

As you may intuit, CookTek MagnaWave MC0902S-100 has some safety features that guarantee a safe operation: first of all, you have an automatic pan detection that ensures instant energy transmission directly to the pan and so, there is almost no energy consumption when the pan is placed on the cooking burner.

Then, you will enjoy the automatic shut-off feature that prevents overheating.

The microprocessor monitors vital components 120 times per second in order to check for overheating, power supply problems, etc.

The cooktop shuts off and displays error codes enabling the user to diagnose and correct minor problems.

8. Accessories

This induction cooktop is TL, NSF and CE certified and comes with a power cord of 6 ft., the warranty certificate, and the user guide.

Before using the item, you should read and follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer

9 Dimensions

Here you have the exact dimensions of the product:

Width: 11.13″
Depth: 20.25″
Height: 3.11″
Weight: 10.2 lbs

10. Pros

Each hob has its own control and operates independently of the other

The compact design makes it ideal for temporary cooking

The unit is lightweight for easy transportation and storage

Spills do not burn on and there are no sharp corners for dirt to build up

11. Cons

There is no feedback of consumers

12. Consumer Ratings

There is no consumer rating as customers have not tested this induction cooktop and so, they have not the chance to express their feedback.

This is why you will find less information about CookTek MagnaWave MC0902S-100 on the Internet.

13. Price

For this CookTek MagnaWave MC0902S-100, you have to pay only this price on Amazon. Once you purchase this stove, you will discover how easy to cook using a double burner induction cooktop with individual controls for each burner.

CookTek MagnaWave MC0902S-100
Manufacturer Cook-Tek
Destination use Home and Commercial
Controls separate controls for ON/OFF and power control
Control Panel portable tabletop design with rugged molded housing and LED
indicator for user feedback
Functions Pan Maximizer, automatic power control
Surface High-impact tempered glass top
Color Black
Power Source 120VAC or 240VAC, 15A
Output Power Available in 1800 watts or 2400 watts
Power levels 100-900W per burner
Temp Levels No
Temp step increment No
Programmable Time No
Function Lock No
Warranty All commercial cooking and holding equipment manufactured by
CookTek is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a
period of three years from the date of shipment from CookTek’s factory
Acoustic warnings No
Weight 10.2 lbs
Shipping Weight N/A
Dimensions Width: 11.13″
Depth: 20.25″
Height: 3.11″
Cord Length 6 ft.
Led Display Yes
Safety Feature automatic shut-off feature prevents overheating, automatic pan
Error Codes Yes, available in the user guide
Pan size (bottom diameter) N/A
Cookware material To be used only with induction compatible and efficient cookware.
Free PAN Yes, two pans included with unit purchased
Around Clearance It is recommended that all units operate with a minimum clearance
of two inches or five centimeters on all four sides.
Made In USA

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