For a easy way to see in one place the main features of portable induction cooktops I have created the table below. These info in a single table can help to decide quickly which one fit your needs.

You can sort the table using arrows in the header row, also you can Search the table using the Search field above the header row writing a “word” or a part of it.

Table allow you a quick navigation to reviews.

ProductRatingMin Power (Watts)Max Power (Watts)Pan SizeMIn Max Temp (F)Prog Time (min)Prec Temp (F)Weight (lbs)Warranty (years)Price
BergHOFF4260160010150-450150305.61Under $200
NuWave PIC24.5(1*)130012100-57560001071Under $100
Max Burton 62004.320018009.5100-450180(2*)61Under $100
Duxtop 8300ST4.4200180011140-4641703651Under $100
Duxtop 8100MC4200180011140-460170(3*)51Under $100
Aroma AID-509412015009110-3981806 levels61Under $100


(1*) – Nuwave Pic2 manufacturer didn’t list it’s Minimum Power. Their item is based on Temp Settings.
(2*) – Max Burton 6200 doesn’t have even steps for temperature mode. To see the steps click here
(3*) – Duxtop 8100MC – doesn’t have even steps temp mode. To see details click here

Below you can find full explanation for header row labels (because I have used abbreviations):

Product – name of reviewed models;

Rating – my personal score for a specific model;

Min Power (Watts) = Minimum Power expressed in Watts;

Max Power (Watts) = Maximum Power expressed in Watts;

Pan Size – is the maximum size of bottom pan which can be used with the model;

Min – Max Temp (F) – is the minimum and maximum temperature expressed in Fahrenheit degrees that model can hit;

Prog Time (min) – is the maximum programmable time expressed in minutes;

Prec Temp (F) – precision temperature expressed in Fahrenheit degrees is the step for
passing from a level temperature to another, this will help you figure out if you will be able to set up desired temperatures.

Weight (lbs) – the model weight expressed in pounds;

Warranty (y) – the warranty given by manufacturer expressed in years;

Price – the price of model with a link to Amazon product page