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5 Induction Buffet Systems , Warmers and Tables

An induction warmer is a holding equipment that keeps food at the right temperature improving your presentation and overall quality. These commercial induction warming systems provide holding accuracy, flexibility and improve buffet presentation. If you plan to buy an induction warmer, you should know that the appliance

3 Best 3500w Induction Burners/Cookers with Reviews (Portable)

Needing a commercial light-weight induction cooktop for your small restaurant? Or perhaps a perfect induction cooktop for home brewing? Whatever your needs are, you should have a look on our list with the best 3500 watts induction burners with reviews. These models are extremely well made and

Vollrath 59500P Mirage Pro vs. Vollrath 59300 Mirage Cadet

Induction cooktops are smart appliances that are useful in all kitchens. Unlike gas stoves, they are equipped with a variety of sensors with the purpose to increase the safety of the kitchen and the users. Today’s article is a comparison between two products that belong to the

Is the CookTek MC 3500 induction cooktop really all it’s cracked up to be?

1. Introduction The CookTek MC 3500 (manufactured by US-based CookTek) is definitely one of the best induction cooktop solutions on the market today. Crafted out of only the highest quality materials (industrial grade stainless steel, heavy-duty ceramic, and crystal-clear glass), everything about this particular unit screams high