Best Tea Kettle for Induction Cooktops

It is the season of scented teas that you can enjoy in a comfortable armchair, with the most exciting book in your arms.

It’s never too late to appreciate a good tea because a cup of aromatic brew can make the difference between a bad day and a happy day. In this context, the tea kettle you use is an important utensil in your kitchen, as it can determine the quality of the obtained infusion.

Best Tea Kettle for Induction Cooktops

If you choose wrong, it will take you some time to figure out how the temperature of the water should be, depending on the type of tea you want to prepare: black, green or white tea. On the other hand, if you don’t know enough details about how to properly prepare a tea, it is never too late to learn.

Apart from this kind of uncertainties, many tea drinkers would like to know where to find tea kettles at a good price, but before making a decision, there are some criteria and defining factors you should consider.

Type: brewing tea kettles: heating and brewing

Compatibility. For induction stove tops, there are some electric tea kettles that can help you prepare a tea more economical, faster and more efficient as they have the basis and the walls specially made so they can transmit caloric energy to warm the water inside.

Capacity. If you have a big family or you often invite friends to tea, consider induction tea kettles with a larger capacity.

Material. For induction hobs, the specialist often recommends tea kettles made from iron, as this metal better stores heat and then it gets cool in a longer period of time. Stainless steel is appreciated for being resistant and for its flawless design.

Design. Think of it both for practical and aesthetical reasons.

Maintenance – resistance and easy cleaning possibilities.

Now if you know these factors, you can go further to read detailed specifications of the best Tea Kettles for Induction Cooktops.

1. Chef's Secret KTTKC Surgical Stainless Steel Tea Kettle with Copper Capsule Bottom, Mirror Finish, 2.75 Quarts
This is s stylish and beautiful induction tea kettle made from quality stainless steel. It has a rounded flat copper capsule bottom, an ergonomic black handle with a special material on it so that you wouldn’t get burned to you hand if it gets too hot.

This handle remains completely cool and the trigger can open the spout. The cover gets off easily so you could fill it with liquid.

Chef’s Secret KTTKC

The tea kettle has a mirror finish and compact dimensions: 3.7 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches. The bottom of the tea kettle is 9″ across with a copper disc in the center. In fact its capacity is of 2.75 Quarts, that should be enough to prepare at least 2 cups of tea.

It whistles when the water gets hot so that you can remove it from the induction cooktop and save electric energy. But don’t think this whistle is disturbing; it is just a standard kettle noise with enough volume.

As a matter of fact as a customer puts it: it heats very quickly so there is no heat loss. It comes with limited lifetime warranty.

2. Fino Pour Over Coffee and Tea Kettle, 4 1/4-Cup

The rating awarded to this tea kettle by customers who already purchased it and used it is high enough to convince you.

This is a smaller kettle and least expensive. It is also made from stainless steel, but the design is completely different.

It has a black ergonomic thermoplastic handle that remains cool, a little cover with a black know that also stays cool and an elegant curvy element to pour the liquid out.

Fino Pour Over Coffee and Tea Kettle

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The spout is narrow so that you can precisely control the falling of the liquid while pouring. Its capacity is for 1 liter, that is enough to prepare up to 6 cups of tea or coffee.

The kettle is made in Japan and it is easy to clean under water in the sink or directly in a dishwasher.

Its dimensions are 11.2 x 5.8 x 6.5 inches and it weighs 14.4 ounces. Many people would buy this type of kettle to offer as a gift for tea lovers.

In comparison to the first tea kettle we have presented, this one does not whistle. This may be a disadvantage or an advantage, depending on your preferences and personality (as there are people who would consider the sound rather disturbing).

3. Hario V60 Buono Coffee Drip Kettle, 1.2 L

If you would like a tea kettle with a more generous capacity, than this one may be a good choice because it can hold 1.2 liters (27 ounces; enough for 3-4 cups).

Taking into consideration its capacity I would say it is perfect for a family of 4 members because they can prepare and drink tea at the same time, together.

This induction cookware is also made from resistant, good looking stainless steel material. It is easy to use because its nice shape and safety elements.

Hario V60 Buono Coffee Drip Kettle

The handle is black and designed to perfectly fit in your hand. It will remain cool even when the rest of the kettle is hot. There is also a cover with a black knob, but the up part of the kettle may seem a little bit too narrow for some persons to put the hand and clean it inside.

However, the majority of customers do not have such a problem. The tea kettle has also a narrow neck with a beautiful shape, that will allow you to better pour the liquid in a cup. This kettle measures 21 x 18 x 13 inches, weighs 1.4 pounds and does not whistle.

4. Circulon 2-Quart Circles Teakettle, Capri Turquoise

For the most exigent customers, I would include on their list this special tea kettle perfect for induction hob kettle, so colorful and so different from what we have presented so far.

It is very elegant with a combination from black and turquoise. Its shape is rather rounded, the handle is solid, black and there has a little, stainless steel cover with a one-touch spout lever that allows easy and comfortable usage.

Circulon 2-Quart Circles Teakettle

The exterior is made from enamel, a material also very resistant and extremely easy to wash and clean. The bottom has a diameter of about 5 inches.

This time, we talk about a more generous capacity of 2 quarts, that should be sufficient to prepare 8 cups of water at a time.

If you prefer the “whistle” style, then this kettle will suit you as it will warn you when the water inside is hot and ready for tea.

The warranty is lifetime limited. Its dimensions are 8.3 x 8.5 x 10.9 inches and it weighs 3.2 pounds. Many customers appreciate its sleek design, the cute color, the whistle and other practical aspects.

5. OXO Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle, Brushed Stainless by OXO

It is a stainless steel tea kettle with a compact shape and round flat bottom. It has a large lid so you could put your hand inside and clean it easily.

When water is hot and ready to prepare tea, you will hear a loud whistle. In this way, you can see for your other activities after you have put the kettle on the cooktop.

OXO Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle

An interesting and practical aspect is that the handle is flexible and rotates out so that you could easily fill the kettle with liquid and pour it. Both the handle and the know on the lid are made from a special material like silicone so they will remain cool even when the kettle is really hot.

The manufacturer mentions that this kettle is not induction compatible. Its dimensions are 8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches and its weight is 2.2 pounds. Many customers appreciate this tea kettle as being solidly made, because it heats very fast and because its functional characteristics (easy to fill, to use and pour).

6. Cuisinart CTK-SS17 Aura Stainless Steel Stovetop Teakettle

7.7 x 7.7 x 9 inches are the dimensions of this nice kettle and it weighs 1.9 pounds. Yes, it is rather little, easy to use and store. Also made from stainless steel, it has a very good price.

It is equipped with whistles to announce you when the temperature of the water has reached a perfect level so that you could prepare tea or coffee.

Cuisinart CTK-SS17 Aura Stainless Steel Stovetop Teakettle

The flat bottom heats very fast and the kettle retains heat very well so we could say it is very efficient.

To clean it use water and soap, as the manufacturer doesn’t recommend you to wash it in a dishwasher machine. Its capacity is for 2 quarters that should be convenient to prepare 3-4 cups of hot drink.

Customers, in general, have offered positive ratings to this item, although there are some that complained that the lid had rusted pretty bad in time and that the whistle can’t be turned off.

7. All-Clad E86199 Stainless Steel Specialty Cookware Tea Kettle, 2-Quart, Silver

This tea kettle has a total capacity of 2 quarts, it is all silver, great looking, easy to use and offers efficiency.

Made from stainless steel (nothing made from plastic that could melt) it has a large and flat bottom that offers great stability, fast and even heating.

The cover is very well fitting (it doesn’t fall when you pour) and it has an easy -to-manage handle. Unfortunately, these get hot so you should use a towel to remove the kettle from the induction cooktop or wait until it gets cool.

All-Clad E86199 Stainless Steel Specialty Cookware Tea Kettle

There is a fill line that will guide you of how much water you pour inside and a whistle is also available on it. But don’t be afraid, this is soft, loud enough so you could hear it but nor disturbing.

Clean it manually in a sink or in a dishwasher. It has a classic design but also a resistant one so that this product is constructed to last a lifetime even if some customers can fear that it is made in China.

It measures 10.1 x 8.2 x 8.9 inches and it weighs 3 pounds. It is easy to carry and to store. According to many customers, this induction tea maker does not develop haze or patina in time.

8. Twin Specials 2.5 Litre Induction ready Whistling TeaKettle

Do you prefer a whistling kettle for induction hob? Made by Zwilling J.A. Henckels, this tea kettle has a wonderful and unique design.

It is all polished with stainless steel material. It has a full capacity of 2.5 liters, so it can be used by a large family to prepare tea and/ or coffee for everybody at a time. Its diameter is 195 mm, large enough in order to heat very fast.

Twin Specials 2.5 Litre Induction ready Whistling TeaKettle

The handle is nicely shaped, with actually 2 curvy lines. The lid fits very well so that when you pour liquid from the kettle it will not fall. It is better to opt for a kettle with a whistle, as this characteristic can help you to save energy and time.

The kettle’s dimensions are 9.6 x 9.4 x 8.7 inches and the shipping weight is 3.5 pounds. Very few people have purchased this product and offered feedback and reviews about its performances.

9. Glass Teakettle for Induction Cooker 900ml

What a nice and interesting tea kettle! This is made from high quality and heat resistant glass, you can see through it, but its bottom is induction ready so you could use it with your induction cooktop.

Its capacity is of 900ml, that is 30.4 fl oz and you could easily boil 3-4 cups of water. The manufacturer explains what heat resistant glass means: it can be used with temperatures levels from minimum -20°C to maximum 150°C. Its weight is 610 g and it measures 210 mm x 140 mm and 130 mm height.

Glass Teakettle for Induction Cooker 900ml

For cleaning, you can wash it manually, but never on a dishwasher. Although this is an attractive piece of cookware, it doesn’t heat as fast as a metal cookware. Another disadvantage is that you could not set your induction cooktop to its highest power, as this glass kettle only supports maximum 150 degrees C.

10. Pyrex Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel – Not Induction Glass Teakettle

In comparison to all the tea induction water kettle we have discussed in this article so far, this glass teapot with stainless steel infuser is not induction ready.

It is equipped with a nice and very ergonomic handle, also made from glass. Inside, in the center, there is the infuser and you can see it through the glass.

Pyrex Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel

The teapot has a cover, that perfectly fits the infuser in order to maintain all the tea’s aroma and perfume.

Its capacity is for 40 oz, that is 1200 ml, perfect to prepare 5 cups of tea. Pyrex glass induction tea kettle measures 10.2 x 7 x 4.5 inches and weighs 15.7 ounces.

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