Cook authentic Asian food in a wok at home with zero difficultly!


Adcraft IND-WOK120

The Adcraft wok induction cooktop (designed, developed, and produced by Admiral Craft Equipment Corp.) is nothing short of spectacular whether you want to cook your favorite Asian dishes with a wok or just use traditional induction pans to prepare any other meals that you’ve been hoping to try!

Because of the round bottom configuration, it’s going to be a dream for traditional round bottom wok cooking, and will heat up in a ridiculously short period of time while at the same time giving you the most immediate access to temperatures between 140° and 460°F.

All of this is easily controlled by the buttons and knobs placed off to the side of this unit (so that they aren’t accidentally changed), and you’ll be able to fine-tune the power, temperature, and time that this unit is running off of with each of them.

Of course, while this induction cooktop is perfect for cooking with a wok (more so than a traditional stovetop solution), you need to make sure that you don’t overload the pan or your wok or you’ll run into temperature issues – and your meals will come out soggy or overly moist.


Adcraft Ind-WOK120V

The recovery is definitely better with induction technology, but they’re still going to be a loss if you overcrowd the pan or wok.

Thanks to the smart temperature control, you’ll be able to prepare, and Asian style dishes with this induction technology, regardless of whether or not they demand temperatures for deep frying, passing, and we’ll blanching – some of the more specific techniques to Asian inspired cuisine.

The surface is ceramic glass (perfect for induction technology), and while the default power level is at 1200 W it can be easily adjusted from 500 W to 1800 woks with no effort at all.

It’s still important for you to keep this induction cooktop at least 12 inches from any walls (or any objects, for that matter) because of the heat, though it will auto shut itself off after two hours or if the temperature ever goes beyond 460°F.

Obviously, you’ll be able to turn it off with just a flick of a button as well!


The control scheme is ridiculously simple

You won’t ever have to worry about hitting the wrong buttons at the wrong time

Temperature, power, and timer functions are clearly marked

You’ll be able to cook with a wok or without with the flip of a switch

This induction cooktop heats up almost immediately

Crafted out of heavy duty commercial grade stainless steel for durability

Perfect for preparing Asian style meals



This induction cooktop is pretty heavy

It definitely isn’t the prettiest thing in the room, that’s for sure


The Adcraft IND-WOK120V Wok induction cooktop comes with a full 12 month guarantee and warranty

Who would buy this?

Anyone looking to re-create their favorite Asian style dishes were just looking to cook more with a wok at home will love this induction cooktop

Value for the money

There are a couple of cheaper induction cooktops out there for sure, none of them are specifically designed to work with woks (especially round bottom woks), so this has incredible value for money.

Where to buy?

If you’re going to buy the new Adcraft IND-WOK120V Wok induction cooktop, you’ll want to purchase it on AMAZON – you’ll be able to save almost $250 (close to 50% of the purchase price) without any effort whatsoever!

Adcraft IND-WOK120V
ManufacturerAdmiral Craft Equipment Corp. (Adcraft)
Destination useHome
Controls5 (On/Off, Increase/deacrease Knob, Power, Temp and Heat Functions)
Control PanelDigital with a manual control knob
FunctionsPower, Heat and Time
SurfaceCeramic glass
Power Source120 V/ 60 Hz
Output Power1800 W
Power levelsNA (500 – 1800 W, the manufacturer don’t specify the levels)
Temp LevelsNA (140 – 460 F, the manufacturer doesn’t specify evry level)
Temp step incrementNA
Programable Time180 min
Function LockNo
Warranty1 year
Acousting warningsNo aousting warnings
Weight37 Lbs
Shipping Weight37 lbs
Dimensions19 x 7 x 16.5 inches
Cord Lengh4 Feet
Led DisplayYes
Safety Featureauto shut off when the item is overheated, voltage to high, if no operation for 2 hours the item will auto shut off
Error Codes3 (E01 -the cooker is overheating, maybe the vent are blocked, E02 – overheating protection was activated, E03 – high voltage fluctuations )
Pan size (bottom diameter)10 inches
Cookware materialSteel
Free PANNo
Around Clearance12 ” from walls

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