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3 Best 3500w Induction Burners/Cookers with Reviews (Portable)

Needing a commercial light-weight induction cooktop for your small restaurant? Or perhaps a perfect induction cooktop for home brewing? Whatever your needs are, you should have a look on our list with the best 3500 watts induction burners with reviews. These models are extremely well made and

Best 6 Burner Induction Cooktop or 1 Range You Can Buy

Interested in commercial induction-cooking equipment? You will find this article very helpful as the best 6 burner induction cooktops and ranges in USA are provided with their features in order to have an idea of what you may need for your cooking space. There are only a

3 Best 1800 Watt Induction Cooktops (Burner/Hot Plate) Comparison

Searching for 1800 watts induction cooktop? Do you want to know which one is the best for you? On the market, you will find units with easy-to-clean surfaces and digital countdown timers, auto-shutoff and cookware detection for enhanced safety. What is really important is to choose the

Induction Cooktop Demos and Cooking Experiments with Videos

Induction cooking can make a better cook of everyone. And induction cooktops give you the best of gas and electric cooktops with more precise control and power. So, just to prove the point, here are a couple of videos (demos and experiments) for you to take a

5 Must Have Induction Cooktop Accessories for Your Kitchen

Induction cooktop accessories allow professional cooks to obtain superior results from induction cooking technology. Most accessories make cooking with induction cooktops easier, more user-friendly and safer; some examples could be liquid crystal display or LCD, heat diffuser, induction cookware, induction skillets and whistling teakettles. Such induction cooktop

3 Best Hybrid Induction Cooktops and 1 Freestanding Range with Demo

Have you heard about hybrid induction cooktop? If yes, what is a hybrid induction cooktop? A hybrid cooking surface has both induction and electric radiant or gas burners. So, if you decide to buy a hybrid induction cooktop, you have both a hybrid induction electric cooktop and