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7 Best 24 inch Induction Cooktops Comparison

Searching for a 24-inch induction cooktop? If you want to go to be cooktop over an oven or simply an induction cooktop for a small apartment, you may not have so many possibilities as you may think so. Although it may seem frustrating having a limited space,

5 Non Toxic Slow Cookers with Ceramic Insert and Glass Lid

It is not a secret anymore that with the right slow cooker you are on the way to healthy, home-cooked meals, no matter your schedule. Also, these appliances are a lifesaver in any kitchen being perfect for soups, stews, and tough cuts of meat, as they are

5 Warming Drawers for Outdoor Kitchen

A warming drawer is the definition of a dinner ready when you are ready. The fact that provides a large capacity means there is enough space for more standard-sized dinner plates for your family and your guests. It is a certitude that you will never have to

8 Best High Sided Saute Pans Induction Ready with Reviews

You may want to know the reasons why you should choose a high sided saute pan. The answer is very easy: a generously-sized cooking surface with straight, high sides makes the saute pan perfect for shallow frying, braising, and cooking down liquids. If you think of pans

5 Ultra Slim Kitchen Trash Can with Reviews

Looking for a kitchen trash can? You can choose one with a stylish and at the same time, practical design making the most of spaces. The slim trash can alternative takes up less space in your kitchen and fits in narrow spaces. As your trash can should

Vegetable and Cheese Tart Recipe

In our family, vegetable tarts are preferred by everyone and this is why I often prepare them. For this tart, I used a magazine with recipes as a source of inspiration. For preparing this tart, here are the ingredients that I used: broccoli, frozen peas, green onion,

2018 – 8 Built-in White Induction Cooktops You Can Find and Buy

Last year I researched where you could buy white induction cooktops. The result was that I found 3 brands which are really white. The huge problem that I have encountered is that I couldn’t recommend retailers in the US where people could buy these items from. I