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Paragon vs. Oliso. The Smart Induction Cooktops Battle

Almost all kitchens need some innovation in order to keep up with our needs and help us cook safely, quickly and efficiently. As induction cooking becomes more and more popular, we tend to ask a lot more of our kitchen appliances. Sous vide cooking is one of

2 Best Induction Cooktops with Oven – Range Top or Separate Pieces?

Before making a choice, we should know that freestanding ranges have a back guard which features the oven controls and burner controls (burner controls are usually in the back for electric ranges and up front for gas ranges). On the other hand, slide-in models with separate features

3 Portable Induction cooktops of 2000W with Reviews You Can Buy

It is a fact that people start using induction cooktops as these devices are very convenient; the main advantage consists of the fact that you can place the induction cooktops on top or have them installed into countertops. Forget about wasted heat as long as the ceramic

Induction Cooktop Cleaner Kit – How To Use it Right

If you have not ever used an induction cooktop, you will not experience the extraordinary way of cooking. Certainly, these induction cooktops provide clean and efficient cooking manners: you can enjoy the benefits of professional cooking. Being energy efficient, easy to clean and use, safe for domestic

Top 4 Induction Stove Top Popcorn Makers

Do you enjoy eating popcorn and watching TV or a movie? For most of us, the smell of freshly popped popcorn just makes us crave it even more. Popcorn is a light snack preferred by everyone: if you choose to popcorn at home with your family and