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10 Tea Kettles NOT Made in China with Reviews (3 Induction Ready)

Everybody knows that China produces most of the cookware sold on the market. But a thing is sure: the quality of Chinese made products are definitely questionable; you may take a moment and remember things like corrosive dry wall, tainted human and dog food, lead paint in

GE Induction Ranges 2017 CHS995SELSS vs CHS985SELSS

Interested in buying an induction range? What about a GE induction range very recently launched? It is the right time to meet GE Induction Ranges 2017 CHS995SELSS and CHS985SELSS and at the same time, to compare both products in order to make an idea about their functionality,

Easy Homemade Chicken Vegetable and Noodles Soup Recipe

This is my family’s favorite soup as I usually prepare it using chickens raised (by my mother-in-law) in the backyard (organic chicken). The soup is very tasty and healthy, and my husband often says that it is a “star” dish because the chicken fat rises to the

4 Best Stainless Steel Woks for Induction Cooktop with Reviews

Although you may consider that it is not necessary in your kitchen, you should know that a wok has numerous advantages over the frying pan, for example. First of all, it gets to distribute heat more evenly, requires less oil, and ensures that food tossed during stir-frying

Red Beet and Potato Soup – Recipe

We often eat this soup because it is very tasty and healthy, and my little girl really likes it. This soup has a sweet taste of beetroot, and I use borscht because it is specific to my region. I use red beet boiled in the shell, carrots,

Pumpkin Cream Soup in Bread Bowl Recipe

I came up with the idea to try this cream soup after seeing a similar recipe on a Facebook group. The octopus-shaped bread bowl in which the soup is served is very sympathetic. And we are pumpkin lovers. This soup, which has a sweet taste, seemed very

Easy Stuffed Peppers Soup Recipe

This soup is very good and nourishing. The intense taste of tomato juice, slightly sour, along with meat mixed with rice, is a real delight for the taste buds. You can prepare these stuffed peppers both as a soup or a thicker tomato sauce, which can be