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Pumpkin Cream Soup in Bread Bowl Recipe

I came up with the idea to try this cream soup after seeing a similar recipe on a Facebook group. The octopus-shaped bread bowl in which the soup is served is very sympathetic. And we are pumpkin lovers. This soup, which has a sweet taste, seemed very

Easy Stuffed Peppers Soup Recipe

This soup is very good and nourishing. The intense taste of tomato juice, slightly sour, along with meat mixed with rice, is a real delight for the taste buds. You can prepare these stuffed peppers both as a soup or a thicker tomato sauce, which can be

Homemade Lettuce Soup: Lettuce, Eggs, Garlic, Onion, Cream and more..

Do you prefer lettuce? In salads or in soup? It is true that lettuce is almost always eaten raw and this provides us with many micronutrients not found in cooked or processed food. And if you consider the fact that lettuce contains moisture, energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates,

Autumn Soup with Zucchini and Rice – Vegetarian Soup

Before we go… Wanting to prepare something else besides baked zucchini or courgette salad, I decided to cook a light soup with zucchini. It is full of fresh vegetables which I had at hand and these vegetables perfectly combine in this tasty soup. It tastes sweet and

Gotham Steel vs Red Copper Cookware (10 pcs Set Comparison)

If you need to decide between Gotham Steel and BulbHead cookware, first you should know some things about these two manufacturers. Gotham Steel is famous as it combines non-stick ceramic with super strong titanium when producing pans: made with ceramic and super strong titanium, their pans guarantee

Duxtop (9600LS) vs Max Burton (6400) Tabletop Induction Burners

Do you want to purchase a single induction cooktop? How about a Duxtop model or maybe a Max Burton model? If you have not decided yet, you may be interested in drawing a comparison between Duxtop (9600LS) and Max Burton (6400) Tabletop Induction Burners. So, now you

Cuchen vs Cuckoo Rice Cookers (CJH-PC1003 vs CRP-CHSS1009FN)

In case you have to decide between a Cuchen rice cooker and a Cuckoo rice cooker, now you have the chance to compare two units of these brands. Cuchen CJH-PC1003 or Cuckoo CRP-CHSS1009FN may turn to be a great investment considering your needs, but let’s see their

5 Rice Cookers with Quinoa Setting: Quinoa Ready in 2 Minutes

Having a rice cooker with Quinoa Setting guarantees you the easy way to prepare a healthy food and also, to have the necessary ingredient ready for pizza Quinoa mushrooms, Greek Quinoa salad, or Quinoa-berry breakfast bowls. For those who do not know, Quinoa is a delicious protein-filled