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Lotus 708953201009 vs Miracle ME81 Rice Cooker

If you have to decide between Lotus Foods Rice Cooker and Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Model ME81 (Formerly ME8) – by Miracle , you should consider both products before making a decision. With these items, your rice will be perfect as your steamed vegetables if you are

5 Best Aroma Rice Cookers with Delay Timer and Reviews

Searching for a great rice cooker to buy? If you want a low-cost, basic model suitable for households with simple rice and steaming needs, you should consider an Aroma model. With a user-friendly design, programmable digital controls and functions that include keep-warm, white rice, and brown rice,

7 Great Rice Cookers with Timer and Reviews

A rice cooker with a timer is surely a great investment because such a function is very handy considering the fact that you can wash the rice in the evening and in the morning, you are going to have it fresh and perfect for eating. Or you

Rena Ware IC-350 vs IC-400 Induction Cookers

Rena Ware Induction Cooktop Model IC-350 or Rena Ware Induction Cooktop Model IC-400? You may consider one of these two induction cookers for your daily cooking; but which one is the best? Now, you have the opportunity to compare these two appliances in order to make a

6 Extra Large Rice Cookers with Reviews

Extra large rice cookers? Yes, this can represent a great investment since on a daily basis you do cook often rice. Extra large rice cookers are perfect for restaurant use and also for big events when a large quantity of rice needs to be cooked, but you

DELLA 048-GM-48248 vs 048-GM-48247 Portable Induction Cooktop

Thinking about purchasing a DELLA portable induction cooktop? What do you prefer: DELLA Portable Induction Cooktop 048-GM-48247 or DELLA Portable Induction Cooktop 048-GM-48248? In case you wonder about the differences between these two portable induction cooktops, here you have the chance to find out some interesting aspects.

3 Delicious Induction Cooker Soup Recipes

If you want to prepare a soup on an induction cooker, you should make sure you use compatible induction cookware for a great experience in your kitchen. It is recommended to purchase a soup pot and on the market, you will have many different types to choose

6 Roasting Pans for Induction Cooktop with Reviews

A roasting pan is a necessary piece of cookware that you may need for roasting meat in an oven, an induction cooktop or other cooking surfaces. Such a roasting pan may come with an accessory part, more precisely a rack sitting inside the pan in order to